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Oscar Perez guanya la 6ta entrega

Oscar Perez guanya la 6ta entrega

L'Oscar Perez guanya la 6na entrega de la lliga amb el tema "Chupa Chups". Aixís ho va...

Taller amb Quim Botey

Taller amb Quim Botey

Per iniciar l'ús habitual de les instal·lacions del nostre estudi...

Veredicte 5à entrega

Veredicte 5à entrega

Divendres el companys de l'Afic de Blanes varen donar els 30 punts a en Jeffrey Martí,...

  • Oscar Perez guanya la 6ta entrega

    Oscar Perez guanya la 6ta entrega

  • Taller amb Quim Botey

    Taller amb Quim Botey

  • Veredicte 5à entrega

    Veredicte 5à entrega


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This contest is recognized by the Catalan Federation of photography with the registration number 2013\/53 and is scoring for the obtaining of the distinctions of AFCF, EFCF and MFCF. 

PARTICIPANTS: the contest is open to all amateur and professional. 

DISCIPLINES: digital files. 

SECTIONS\/TOPICS: A-Monochrome or Color, free theme. 
                                        B-Monochrome or Color, theme: Sant Feliu de guixols number of pictures: 4 by theme, not presented in previous editions of the Trophy Toni Martínez. 

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Via The Internet. The inscription, and the sending of the images will be made over the Internet from the website: www. aficguíxols. following the instructions in the computer program. The images must be in JPG format, 1,024 pixels in length if the format is horizontal and 768 pixels high if the format is vertical. It is recommended that the color space is sRGB. No file can exceed 800 KB. Once finished the verdict will be prompted the files of the prize-winning works and finalists in large format (2000 x 1324 at a resolution of 150dpi)

PRIZES: Prize of honour Trophy Toni Martínez. Trophy (exclusive design) + 200 € for the author of that with the sum of the two sections have obtained higher score.

1st Prize: trophy and 200 €

2nd Prize: trophy i100 €

3rd Prize: trophy and € 50


The JURY: Three body menbres juries Federacio Catalana de Fotografia. 

EXHIBITION: With the desire to give the maximum diffusion, of 21\/12\/2013 to 31\/01\/2014, the prize-winning works will be exhibited and finalists in each of the sections of the Trophy Toni Martínez, photographically reproduced and properly framed to 40 cm at all times stating the name of the author.

THE SITE OF THE EXHIBITION: Casino Guixolenc, passeig del mar N º 36-38 of Sant Feliu de Guixols.


CALENDAR of contest: deadline for submission: 17\/11\/2013 public

VEREDICT: 07\/12\/2013

SENDING NOTIFICATIONS: from 09\/12\/2013

AWARDS CEREMONY: 21\/12\/2013

EXHIBITION: 21\/12\/2013 until 31\/01\/2014

SENDING NOTIFICATIONS: notification of results will be made by e-mail.



The Gallery of participating works will be available on the web site www.aficguixols.cat

NOTES: participants are responsible totally not exist rights of third persons in the works presented, as well as any possible claim for image rights. The mere participation in this competition implies full acceptance of these regulations.

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